SysWatch Personal for Microsoft Security Essentials Free 1 year License

SysWatch Personal  from Safensoft is designed to work along or even replace Microsoft Security Essentials and other signature-based security software to give comprehensive protection for your computer. It does this by combining whitelisting, sandboxing, and behavioral analysis techniques to keep malware and other intruders out of your PC.


SafenSoft SysWatch Personal takes a different approach to PC protection than traditional antimalware software; rather than regularly scanning the PC to find malicious code, it prevents malicious activity from taking place on the PC.

It protects your computer proactively by controlling how applications behave and keeps your system in a “known-good” state, preventing hacker attacks and malicious software from activating. So, it doesn’t need all those signature updates required by traditional security software to give reliable protection.

The software offers the unique, patent-pending V.I.P.O. (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology, which combines three layers of protection that includes D.I.C. (Dynamic Integrity Control), D.S.E. (Dynamic Sandbox Execution) and D.R.C. (Dynamic Resource Control) technologies. Moreover the SysWatch Personal supports self-protection system which protects it from being disabled by malicious software and it is fully compatible with all popular antivirus programs.

How it works ?

The main purpose of the SafenSoft SysWatch protection system is to keep the integrity of the operating system and all its components as installed at the original build, as well as applications
installed at a later date.
Immediately after installation, SafenSoft SysWatch activates in Simple Mode, which provides control over the launch of unknown applications. Simple Mode is based on the detection of new executable
modules in the system. The decision as to whether to allow the new application to launch is made based on the degree of confidence in the unknown application and on internal SafenSoft SysWatch logic regarding executable modules.

To reduce the number of alerts on unknown application launches, and for more effective protection,SafenSoft SysWatch carries out an automatic adjustment the first time it is run, creating the basic SystemProfile. After the automatic adjustment is successfully completed, SafenSoft SysWatch activates the Extended Mode.

When SafenSoft SysWatch is installed the following protection parameters are set by default:

  • Enable protection – Enabled
  • Applications – Enabled
  • File system – Enabled
  • System registry – Enabled
  • Network – Enabled
  • Automatic processing of incidents – Disabled
  • Password protection – Disabled

Key features of SysWatch Personal:

  1. Dynamic integrity control
  2. Application launch control
  3. Script execution control
  4. Dynamic sandbox
  5. Automatic incident processing
  6. Self-protection system
  7. Application activity history and rollback to remove unwanted changes

SysWatch Personal for Microsoft Security Essentials:

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal works great when combined with Microsoft Security Essentials software, we already said that MSE is a free & Lightweight Antivirus from Microsoft and it is the best Antivirus with top rated Antivirus-engine and its detection rates are good and better than many paid security products.

Download : MSE

SysWatch Personal for Microsoft Security Essentials Free 1 year License :

To get a 1 year license of Syswatch personal for free visit this Promo page, then enter CAPTCHA (security) code listed in that page and click “Get Free” button to see license code (Activation key).

Download : SafenSoft SysWatch Personal


 Update [16/1/2014]:  The promotion is still valid, just re-publishing this article for those who doesn’t have a basic or good antivirus software on their system.

Alternative  : Get AVG Internet Security 2014 license for Free

About SafenSoft :
SafenSoft was founded in 2006 in Moscow by a team of computer security and digital rights management veterans, and the company’s board of directors is led by Victor Kousnetsov, a former senior development executive with McAfee. SafenSoft solutions include TPSecure for ATMs and other unattended devices, SysWatch for enterprises, and SafenSec for home users. SafenSoft technology is used by some of the world’s largest banks to protect both their ATM and corporate networks. The company has development offices in Moscow, Russia, and business offices in Silicon Valley, California, and is funded by Troika Dialog. Learn more about SafenSoft at

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